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Fantasy Cricket Point System: Scoring Parameters and Strategies

April 12, 2024 | by

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Understanding the fantasy cricket points system is crucial for players as it determines their scores and rankings. Let’s delve into the key elements of the fantasy cricket point system:

Batting Points

In fantasy cricket, players earn points for their batting performance. These points are awarded based on various parameters such as runs scored, boundaries hit (fours and sixes), and strike rate. Additionally, bonus points are given for achieving half-centuries and centuries.

Bowling Points

Bowlers also accumulate points in fantasy cricket based on the number of wickets taken and maidens bowled. Other factors like economy rate and dot balls are also considered. Similar to batting points, bonus points are awarded for achieving five-wicket hauls and other exceptional performances.

Fielding Points

Fielding plays a significant role in cricket, and it is no different in fantasy cricket. Players are rewarded for their fielding efforts such as catches, run-outs, stumpings, and direct hits. These performances earn bonus points, adding to the overall score.

Captain and Vice-Captain Multiplier

The selection of captain and vice-captain is crucial in fantasy cricket as they carry additional weightage. The points scored by the captain are doubled, while the vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points. Making wise choices for these positions can significantly impact the overall score.

Negative Points

It’s important to note that poor performances on the field can result in negative points in fantasy cricket. Conceding a large number of runs or getting dismissed for a duck can lead to deductions from the overall score.

Powerplay and Death Overs

Some fantasy cricket platforms may award extra points for batting or bowling performances during the powerplay or death overs. This recognizes the significance of these phases in the game and adds excitement to the fantasy cricket experience.

Bonus Points

Players can earn additional points if they are awarded the “Player of the Match” title. This recognition adds bonus points to their overall score, rewarding exceptional performances.

Penalty Points

Fantasy cricket point systems may also include penalties for code of conduct violations, such as on-field misconduct or disciplinary issues. These penalties are designed to maintain fair play and sportsmanship in the game.

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Live Updates

A fantasy cricket platform like Winzo provides real-time updates on players’ performances and the points they accrue during live matches. This feature allows players to track their team’s progress and make informed decisions for future matches.

Understanding the fantasy cricket point system is essential for players to strategize their team selection and make informed decisions. By considering the various factors and scoring parameters, players can maximize their chances of success in fantasy cricket.


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